Team at Otto-von- Guericke-Universitaet Magdeburg (OVGU)
Team of the Power Electronic & Electromagnetic Compatibility (PE) group at PUniversity of Twente - 2021


DC04 - Coupling of stochastic fields into cables with non-linear loads, tests of medical equipment (WP6)

Why DC04?

Field coupling to transmission line structures with linear loads is fairly well understood but most practical systems feature some kind of non-linearity therefore we need to find models to deal with this, also for medical imaging equipment.

Host institution



The Otto von Guericke University in Magdeburg has three reverberation chambers of different sizes, a large semi-anechoic chamber and two GTEM cells (large and small), so there will be enough laboratories to perform your planned measurements. We are also just a medium-sized university in a not-to-big city, so you won’t „get lost“ and can afford the living costs.




Dr.-Ing. Magdowski (OVGU)


Dr. Serra (TU/e) (WP6 leader), mentor: Tobias Meyer (metraTec)


Experimental results for stochastic EM field coupling to a non-linearly loaded single-wire transmission line above a ground plane, to a non-linearly loaded double-wire transmission line inside the working volume, to a non-linearly loaded transmission line network of single-wire lines above a ground plane, to a non-linearly loaded transmission line network of double-wire lines inside the working volume and to non-linearly loaded multi-conductor transmission lines above a ground plane as well as inside the working volume. Evaluation of EM of RF-shielded MRI enclosures w.r.t. RC. Conversion factors and validation methods for the use of RCs in order to analyse the influence of interventional medical equipment onto the imaging quality and signal-to-noise ratio of MRI scanners

Expected Results

Deeper insight and available prognosis of the induced currents and voltages into non-linear loads of transmission lines excited by stochastic fields. Cost-efficient measurement methods for medical equipment to be used inside MRI scanners.


DC04 trained in: measurement automation, EMC and MRI standard, use of medical equipment in clinical applications

PhD enrolment


Planned secondments

2M@metraTec(Meyer): Evaluation of EM of RF-shielded MRI enclosures w.r.t. RC (M18)

2M@TU/e (Serra): Using moving wall RC for experiments (M22)

Candidate profile

background in electrical engineering or information technology, focus on electromagnetic compatibility or high-frequency engineering

Desirable skills and interests

RF engineering, antennas and propagation, MATLAB or python coding basics, measurement automation, electromagnetic field simulation