Team at Otto-von- Guericke-Universitaet Magdeburg (OVGU)
Team of the Power Electronic & Electromagnetic Compatibility (PE) group at PUniversity of Twente - 2021


DC02 - Closed-loop testing for faster and better EM evaluation of complex high-tech systems (WP7)

Why DC02?

To expose objects to electromagnetic fields we step to a new position, increase power level until a defined value is read by a meter but this very, very slow and the main problem is the slow meter response time therefore the key question is how electronic products react on electromagnetic interference and we would like that you help us to solve that problem!

Host institution



The Netherlands


Prof. Leferink (UT)


Prof. Primiani (UNIVPM) (WP7 leader), mentor: Jacco Verpoorte (NLR)


Develop a world-wide accepted new standard for testing large systems in RC, by comparing the newest fast EM sensor systems, comparing performance with antennas, evaluate different algorithms for EM field strength data, investigating the minimal needed sensors (up to nine), and controlling the equipment using in-line measured data (closed-loop).

Expected Results

New standard for automotive testing using RC, including VIRC. Update of IEC 61000-4-21 for large system testing.


DC02 trained in large complex system EMI evaluation

PhD enrolment

Twente Graduate School

Planned secondments

2M@NLR (Verpoorte): Learn from actual test cases (M22)


2M@UNIVPM (Primiani): Compare results with simulations at UNIVPM and write a joint paper (M28)

Candidate profile

Electrical engineering, physics, mathematics

Desirable skills and interests